737 Fire Bottle

737 Fire Bottle

Every PMA part we develop is engineered and fabricated on the basis of the FAA approved process of Identicality through test and computation. This standard is accepted through bilateral agreement with aviation authorities worldwide, including: EASA, JCAB, CAAC, Transport Canada and many others.

M33700002 stores Halon 1301 fire extinguishing agent under high pressure. When the sensors indicate smoke, the pilot operates a control switch sending an electrical signal to the cartridge mounted in the fire extinguisher. This will cause the cartridge to detonate, which fractures a rupture disc and releases agent to extinguish the fire.

The M33700002 price averages 70% less than the OEM alternate and is found on the most popular aircraft in the world, the B737.

Regularly kept in stock for immediate shipment! 

Feb 19th 2021 Daniel Martinez

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